• Full Quill Ostrich
• Stingray
• Pirarucu Fish
• Elephant

   "Let firm, well hammer'd soles protect thy feet through freezing snows, and rains, and soaking sleet; Should the big last extend the shoe too wide, Each stone will wrench the unwary step aside; The sudden turn may stretch the swelling vein, The cracking going unhinge, or ankle sprain; And when too short the modish shoes are worn, You'll be the seasons by your shooting corn."
- John Gay (Born: 6 June 1687, Died: 12 April 1732)

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• Kangaroo
• French Calf
• Giraffe
• Smooth Ostrich

• Cordovan Shell
• Hippo (Seasonal)
• Caiman Crocodile 
• Alligator

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Underwood Boot Company strives to exceed all quality parameters of high-volume, low cost outlets.  Our craftsmen are truly hands-on from start to finish and their timeless method of construction, passed down from generations of skilled workers, is second to none.  The design, sourcing, quality control, and manufacturing occur right here in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  Underwood Boot Company products will never go out of style; they'll simply be passed on to the next generation.


Underwood Boot Company offers only custom, hand-made, fine leather creations.

• Oil tanned calf 
• Bull Hide 
• American Bison 
• Lizard